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READER REVIEWS -- "The Address of Happiness"

HOME -- June 22, 2013


Home. I am home. This is MY address, the place I have been looking for all my life. The place where I exist for a reason, where I can feel God is pleased with me, where I know the joy of being fulfilled in another. This is MY address - The Address of Happiness.

I always wondered if such a place existed. Now I know that it does.

Please. Please. Please.

Find a quiet, pleaceful place - under a tree, in softly lit room cuddled up in a rocking chair, under a waterfall and read this book. It is speaking to you.

LOVE SPEAKS -- June 30, 2013

From the first page, The Address of Happiness captured my soul. This book is the vehicle Love has chosen to arrive in our lives at just the right moment. It speaks of Love as the Universe and since we are made of the stuff of the Universe, it means WE are Love...right down to the cellular level. Love knows no limits, no judgments, no conditions.

This book reminds us of that so beautifully that you can't help but KNOW and FEEL at that cellular level, You Are Love and You Are matter what.

That resonating hum you hear, that trembling in your core....that is Love getting ready to burst forth. Love will always find you no matter where you are, no matter who you are.

Thank you for this bright gift.


This is an amazingly uplifting book, full of inspirations that will feed your soul. Read a little from it every day, and you will see!

WONDERFUL -- June 30, 2013

The Address of Happiness is a simple tale with a profound impact. Laurens van der Post once wrote: “The story is like the wind. It comes from a far off place and we feel it”. This is how I felt about David Paul Kirkpatrick’s, The Address of Happiness. Kirkpatrick shines a great and insightful light on love. What a wonderful reminder of the transcending power of love and a true gift for all those who read it!


David Kirkpatrick's gentle yet penetrating magic realism cuts through the dark phobic "Biblical" pedantry and panic around love between people of the same gender. He exposes all the wholesomeness and innocence of the two hearts, and subsequent loving family, of the people involved. I am certain sure that Jesus is fond of this story and very relieved that one of his proclaimed ones has told it without any of the doubt and labels and psychologizing that have torn us apart.


Oh my, what a gem of a story, truly unique and deeply touching! This magical tale has large wings, it soars in the heart and I know it will fly very far and take very many on a beautiful journey. Congratulations David Paul Kirkpatrick! I am recommending The Address of Happiness to everyone, and I can't wait to see the film version ... I hope I hope!


It has been a very long time since I read a book in its entirety in one sitting, no matter how long or short a book. I was unable to put it down until I was done every last page! I am looking forward to getting a hard cover copy so that I can read it again and share it with some friends. David's writing is incredible! I know David personally and am not surprised that he wrote such a beautiful book. He is a sweet, smart and loving man. A must read!

A PURE BALANCE -- June 29, 2013

The Address of Happiness is a mystical allegory of the duality in Humankind - one that, if you can see it, will bring both joy & pain, love and sorrow... I am a firm believer that David is the Khalil Gibran of our time, a writer who can balance poetry and mystical meaning- with the added cultural pulse - pay attention, get lost and find yourself transported! That was my experience.


A beautiful ballad of love. Love is not defined by what we are but who we are. It is timeless, faceless and forever. The story is made even more meaningful by the imagery and meter used to convey the haunting, lilting story. Thank you for sharing this.

TEXAS -- Rex McGee, Writer, Teacher, Father

She could not wait to be born and begin her search for the one her heart loved.” So begins the remarkable journey of Maddie and Britney, two gentle souls matched in Heaven and destined to meet on the earthly plane (and even beyond). Their quest to hear each other’s inner celestial “music” animates this lovely, poetic fable, which has much to teach about the divine melody of Love that resounds within us all. During their search for each other, I was reminded of Audrey Hepburn’s wonderful line in the classic film Sabrina, when her father chastises her for dreaming too much, for “reaching for the moon.” No, Audrey says, “The moon is reaching for me.” Mr. Kirkpatrick’s luminous new book is spellbinding. I couldn’t put it down.
A real masterpiece.

CALIFORNIA -- Amy Ferris, Author, "Marrying George Clooney"

I remember feeling enlightened after reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull. The Address of Happiness gave me a similar – even more spiritual – sense of tranquility. The Address of Happiness is a gift to the Universe – and perfectly timed. It beautifully captures the fact that love transcends all else. When I put the book down, I felt as if I’d been for a swim in a lake of serenity. It is a remarkable journey that reconnects us with the sacred.PENNSYLVANIA

I say this with absolute conviction: the world needs comfort and kindness – warmth and goodness. The Address of Happiness will awaken you, stir you, enlighten you, inspire you, ignite you and empower you to fill this world with beauty. The world needs this book now more than ever. May it do for you what it did for me – fill you to the brim with hope and aspiration to find the kingdom of love within!

ILLINOIS -- Rev. Dr. Donald Black, United Methodist Minister

I feel that I have just read a parable...a story to tell a truth. I am overwhelmed with emotion. I find in Happiness a message that is very similar to what I found in John Wesley - there is a love that is always within, seeking to find expression and response, the gospel message in more modern terms. This story is the message of life – always moving forward into the limitless unknown, always seeking the best, the more perfect. Happiness resolved the question of marriage between two persons of the same sex by celebrating the love between the two persons involved. I loved the message.

NEW JERSEY -- Paul Russell Smith, Writer, husband and father of three

The Address of Happiness is a gorgeous work of whimsical fiction. Not only does this book lift you up, it cradles you in its warm embrace and holds you for that extra squeeze. It is a modern meditation on fate, acceptance and, above all, love...a gentle reminder which, frankly, I needed in my life at the moment more than I ever realized.

MARYLAND -- Marykay Powell, Motion Picture Producer, "Random Hearts"

If, indeed, we do believe that each of us is created in God’s own image, that each and everyone one of us is a Lilly in His Field, then we are going to need more stories like The Address Of Happiness which so lyrically illustrates this point. Could this be Love Story for the new millennial reader? Let us hope.

WISCONSIN -- Joel Rogers, Professor of Law, Political Science, Public Affairs and Sociology – University of Wisconsin

Love is the universe’s greatest mystery and greatest truth. Among two members of the same species, who among us dare to defame God’s blessing of it?

IDAHO -- Samantha Silva, Author, "Once Upon a Carol"

As a secular humanist with spiritual longings - one who believes, like Emerson, in a direct relation to God (read: the great mysterious universal presence), I found The Address Of Happiness an irresist- ible invitation to a loving, and gentle relationship to what the poets call, Mysterium Tremendum. If all of us could have the enormous faith that the remarkable Maddie and Britney have in this wonderful journey – what a world it would be! If nothing is impossible for love, how can we ever be against it?

FLORIDA -- Chris Boardman, Professor – Frost School of Music, University of Miami

Music has no need for language in its quest to connect the discon- nected. It is apt that The Address Of Happiness uses music as the connective tissue of its story of transcendent love and beauty. Like a beautiful melody it is said that the simple act of smiling can be a transformative experience. Sit back, focus your attention and get ready. The Address Of Happiness will prepare you for a life of smiles and provide you with the tools to change your world and the world around you.

AFRICA -- Andrew Meldrum, Associated Press, Johannesburg

The delight in reading The Address of Happiness is that it presents the complexity of life in a way that is enlightening and uplifting. The clear, almost musical prose tells a story of life and love through one of the burning issues of our time - same sex marriage - putting love into a perspective that all can appreciate and understand. I found myself reading passages from the book aloud, because the cadences of the sentences were a bit like a children’s book with the solemn, reassuring quality of a church service. The Address of Happiness has a universal appeal that will find readers in all parts of the world because of its clarity and joy.

ARGENTINA -- Marcos Duszcak, Documentary Filmmaker, "Familias Por Igual"

The Address of Happiness is just what you need when “they” make you feel it is a sin every time your heart beats. I hope this comforting and magical story will help everyone understand the music of God’s heart. I loved It!

CANADA -- Lisa Towers, Executive Producer, "The Christmas Choir"

The Address of Happiness is a simple tale with a profound impact. Laurens van der Post once wrote: “The story is like the wind. It comes from a far off place and we feel it”. This is how I felt about David Paul Kirkpatrick’s, The Address of Happiness. Kirkpatrick shines a great and insightful light on love. What a wonderful reminder of the transcend- ing power of love and a true gift for all those who read it!

ENGLAND -- Ileen Maisel, Producer, "The Golden Compass", "Romeo and Juliet"

I am far from America, but I am right at home, having just read The Address Of Happiness. What a beautiful and touching story! When I read of the author’s aunt who inspired the story, I could only think that she must be very proud. There is no doubt that she is smiling from Heaven, believing in the power of God who pushes mankind forward to a shining destiny.

CHINA -- Mars Lu, Doctor of Medicine

There are no boundaries if we believe in the power of love. The Address of Happiness is a beautiful gift to all of us who dream of a better world.

BRAZIL -- Bill Dix, Project Manager

The Address of Happiness impresses with its wit, intellect and compassion. This piece of prose poetry is an uplifting reminder of how love conquers all. Two people, regardless of who they are, meant for each other, can make this world a better place. It is a poignant and powerful read, sometimes whimsical, often more than a little sad, a metaphor for life. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will continue to reap the benefits of its message, as I hope other’s will.